Recycled Teak Furniture

Recycled Teak Furniture

recycled teak furniture


Some teak species are considered endangered. His extraordinary qualities have been his great undoing. At present, natural teak forests are scarce, as a result of unsustainable logging practices.

At Albir Colonial we use recycled teak wood for our furniture because we want to minimize the environmental impact in its manufacture.

The recycled teak is recovered from old constructions and structures. They are woods that have stood the test of time, and in Albir Colonial we want to extend the life and usefulness of that wood. Contributing to the sustainability of the world’s forests.


Teak wood should be dried slowly to avoid internal cracks that diminish its quality. Recycled teak has been drying for decades. In addition, they come from a time when the trees were older than those of the current plantations. They had a higher density and were more compact and resistant.

The current teak comes from young trees from controlled plantations, which means a lower quality of wood.

recycled teak furniture


Resistant to moisture and decomposition. Thanks to its great density, teak wood is very hard, which allows it to resist the inclemency of the elements. For that reason, it is very appreciated in the nautical industry.

It is perfect for outdoor furniture because of its incredible durability and decorative value.

The resin of teak wood is antiseptic, and is therefore resistant to attacks by fungi, termites, and various organisms.

Its natural oil makes it resistant to water and waterproof it naturally.

The teak has an intense golden-brown colour. It is a wood that ages very well, improving its colour over time.

Coarse grain and straight fiber, although sometimes the fiber can be wavy.

It has a density of 690 kg / m3, reason why it is considered a heavy wood and of great durability.


Recycled teak has a denser grain, with more pronounced veins and a more intense brown colour. Its possible small imperfections, like small notches, or nail marks, give it a special warmth.

recycled teak furniture
recycled teak furniture


Apply once or twice a year teak oil depending on the exposure to the weather.

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